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Brianna Moreno was an average 22-year-old women who loved shopping, hanging out with her friends and making more career plans....until the night she was brutally and unexpectedly murdered.

Now she finds herself trapped in the ghost world while residing on earth. The problem is, her killer can see all of his ghostly victims and enjoys taunting them as much as he does killing them.Brianna soon finds out that her killer has horrible new plans concerning her family.

Brianna meets up with a few of her killer's past victims to hatch a plan so terrifying, the entire town will never be the same again.

Brianna is a good ghost gone bad; the good girl side is gone forever!

*This book is not a YA read. It's an 18+ only novella that features sex, strong language and strong violence.

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That’s when I saw my face on the TV. It was my high school picture from four years ago. My face was fuller since I had lost 25 pounds this year from spending some of my spare time on a recreational soccer team but overall, I looked the same. There was no way I could fool myself into thinking it wasn’t me on the television screen. Next to the picture were the stats that once belonged to my physical self. The conservative looking reporter with his perfectly brushed come-over and bright blue eyes said I was 5’9, 145 pounds, black curly hair, dark skin, hazel eyes. My body shuttered from crying with no tears. It was a pathetic scene (which I was glad no one could see) but I cried harder knowing there was really no relief from this terrible pain. In life, tears were a way of watching emotional pain flee from the body, but now they were stuffed deep down inside of me somewhere and bottled up with a cork. I couldn’t hear what was being said on the TV and really didn’t want to. My parents must have gone to the police and said I was missing. I disappeared just in time to make the 11 O’clock news; I’m sure my killer was at home enjoying this. Exploding in anger, I punched the outside wall that faced the street. The couple sitting side by side on the couch shivered and moved apart. They felt me! “Hello!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. They didn’t budge anymore, but for a moment they did feel me. There was no hole in the wall, but they must have heard when the punch landed. For a short time, I was a part of the normal world again.

 Author Bio:
Janiera enjoys feeding her book addiction when she not writing. Writing is theraputic to her during her struggles with Fibromyalgia. Being unable to work a normal 9-5 is what encouraged her to write full time. She is also a book blogger at Beauty and Books where she mixes being a book nerd with keeping things chic. When not reading or writing she is freelance writing in the entertainment industry.When trying to relax she likes a huge yard sale on a Saturday morning, rainy days to read by and nacho cheese is her kryptonite. Soul Sisters is her debut novel.

Feel free to visit her book blog where she loves reviewing books and doing author interview at Books & Beauty She loves feedback and welcomes any questions or comments to her email: or connect with her through her author page:

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Fate & Fury

 Fate and Fury (The Grey Wolves #6) by Quinn Loftis
5/5 Stars

Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Published: March 15th 2013
Series: The Grey Wolves #6

Book Blurb:

The last few days have been the darkest of Sally’s life. After experiencing the joy of finding her mate, she now suffers the pain of losing everything she holds dear. Both the Romanian and Serbian packs have been captured, ripping Sally’s soul mate away from her almost as soon as she had found him. Her best friend and the emotional glue that usually holds Sally together, Jacque Pierce, lies writhing in a restless coma, having been put down by Desdemona’s dark magic. Jennifer Adams, the unshakable one, has revealed to her friends and her mate that she is pregnant, but the Fates have marked her unborn baby for death. Though she rails against the darkness, deep inside Jen knows that Decebel’s baby must die as payment for her own life, and the knowledge is tearing her soul to pieces. Cypher, King of the Warlocks, has claimed Jacque’s mother as his mate and agreed to help Desdemona open a door that would release a horde of demons from beyond the Veil.

Though her world is crashing down around her, Sally holds out hope. The Great Luna is not sitting idly by. She has commanded the Fey council to call upon the packs—all of them. And though Cypher looks for a way to open the Veil for Desdemona, he struggles to protect Lilly and the wolves at the same time. Peri, the ever-courageous High Fae, and a contingent of the remaining females of the Romanian and Serbian packs, push on through the rough Carpathian Mountains. Though they are bound to the human realm, they continue to search for a way to cross over to the land of the Fey. Meanwhile, in reluctant obedience to the Great Luna, the Fey council sends representatives to the far corners of the globe, meeting with the pack Alphas. The Fey must convince the Alphas of every pack to lay aside their petty territorial squabbles and battles of dominance. If they refuse, both the humans and the supernatural races will fall at Mona’s feet.

Sally holds to a shred of hope. Though Vasile, Decebel, and their pack mates endure the torture of the In-Between, living their worst nightmares over and over, Sally holds. Though she knows that it is only a matter of time before their wolves take over, she holds. Sally knows that if the males die, then so too will their mates who have performed the Blood Rites, including her best friends Jen and Jacque. Yet she holds. If the males lose themselves to their wolves and turn feral, so too do their mates. Still she holds. Though Vasile, the strongest Alpha in their history to unite the wolves, is lost beyond the Veil, Sally holds. Though Decebel, the only other wolf besides Vaile strong enough to unite the packs, suffers beyond the Veil, Sally will hold. No one is left to unite their race, and defeat Desdemona. Yet Sally still holds. She holds out hope that the Great Luna will not abandon them, cannot abandon them. Throughout the centuries, the Great Luna has always provided a gypsy healer to the packs, especially in times of great need. Now Sally is that healer. Sally fears what role she has to play in the defeat of Desdemona, but she will play it. Though heaven and hell unite against her, she WILL play it.

For too long the supernatural races have lived in separation, warring amongst themselves, allowing trivial power plays and selfish disputes to keep them from uniting. That separation has made them weak. Now, being summoned as a collective force to the same land, will they come? Will they come in numbers greater than have been seen in centuries? Will they destroy each other and save Mona the trouble, or will they finally unite and fight as one?


Can I just say WOW! Quinn takes you on an emotional journey in this newest book, you will laugh, cry and get mad. I just love how the characters in this book grow and change through out each book. Sally finds her mate, but she has not had much time to be happy with him as him and the other men are taken and held in the In-Between.  They must rescue their mates before it is too late, because if their mates die so will they, and if the males lose themselves to their wolves and turn feral, so too do their mates and time is running out. 

I don't want to give too much away so forgive me if this turns out a bit short. There is so much going on in this TH book that it's very hard not to give anything away. you will not be disappointed. Quinn gives one hell of a cliffhanger at the end that had me yelling and beating the couch. I'm so excited to read the next one, I'm dying to know what happens next in the series. the girls as always cause trouble and Jen with her run away mouth lol. I just love that girl to death.

Author Bio:

Quinn lives in beautiful NW Arkansas with her husband, son, Doberman and cat (who thinks she is a ninja in disguise). She is beyond thankful that she has been blessed to be able to write full time and hopes the readers know how much all of their support means to her. Some of her hobbies include reading, exercising, crochet, and spending time with family and friends. She gives all credit of her success to God because he gave her the creative spirit and vivid imagination it takes to write.



Jen looked down at the dirt where she had been tracing with her finger and her eyes filled with tears as she saw she had drawn the markings that covered Decebel’s skin.

She turned away from the drawing to face Jacque and took her hand. She held it between her own, rubbing it, probably more for her comfort than Jacque’s. She looked at her red headed friend and her heart ached to see her in such a helpless state. She stared pushing her will at Jacque as if that would be enough to make her open her eyes. If Fane were here he would be going crazy; but he wasn’t. None of their mates were, and for the first time she felt alone. She needed Decebel, no matter how much it bothered her to need him, she did. She needed his strength and his comfort. She needed his brooding presence so that she would have someone to be sarcastic with and know he would be able to take it. She needed to hear him tell her she would be okay, their baby would be okay. She needed him to tell her when she needed to shut the hell up, because as her fear rose so did her sarcasm and irritability and she knew none of the others needed that nor deserved it.

“Damn you Desdemona for taking him from me,” she muttered into the cold, dark night. Her eyes narrowed and she looked out into the forest, wishing that the witch would come walking out in all her evil glory. Jen never though she was capable of being cruel, but she decided then and there that she would peel the flesh from Desdemona’s writhing body while she still lived. Was she a little blood thirsty? Maybe, but then the witch had taken her mate, putting him in danger and causing him immeasurable suffering; for that alone she had signed her death warrant, not to mention all the other atrocities she had already committed in her long, meaningless life.

“Jacque where are you?” She asked her friend. “I want you to know that I will take care of you, always Jac. And I’m going to give you hell for lying there on your back while we do all the work.” Jen snorted out laughter to herself as she thought of the remark Jacque would give her to that comment.

Her heart sunk as she continued to watch the steady breathing of Jacque, but no other life was apparent in her. She wanted to run. She wanted to shed the human skin and let her wolf run free, howling at the pain that she felt for the loss of everything. Jen missed her parents and she smiled to herself thinking it was a feeling she had never thought to feel. But when she stood to lose something that she never imagined loosing, she admitted that she didn’t want to lose them, no matter how tense their relationship had always been.

She continued to sit staring into the night, a lone sentry guarding her friends. Part of her was eager to go to sleep hoping to hear from her mate again, but another part of her dreaded hearing the desperation in his usually calm, secure voice. He needed her just as badly as she needed him and here she sat unable to do a damn thing for him. She growled in frustration and gradually all the ugliness of her reality set in and took root in her heart. She bowed her head and closed her eyes giving into the monster of defeat, if only for a little while, she would let herself be weak, let herself fall apart while there was no one to watch.

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The new cover for "Autumn Storm" (#2, Witchling Series)

Autumn Storm_cover
This week, Lizzy Ford is revealing the new cover for "Autumn Storm" (#2, Witchling Series). The series was picked up by Evatopia - a small press and books-to-TV manager specializing in teen and women's fiction - in February. The first book in the series, "Dark Summer," re-released March 1 and is available from Amazon, Amazon UK and Barnes and Noble. "Autumn Storm" has received a facelift and revision that includes integrating the novelette, "Autumn Dawn." "Autumn Storm" will be launched on April 5. Lizzy anticipates releasing the highly anticipated third book in the series, "Winter Fire," in mid-May.

Autumn Storm

A girl with no memory, hidden in plain sight. A boy with no hope, freefalling into Darkness. teambeck_2013_large
Autumn doesn’t know why she remembers a boarding school she’s never visited, or why her reflection isn’t always … hers. There’s another girl in the mirror, a dark-haired ghost that emerges one night to guide her to a cliff near the school. Only Autumn can’t remember what happened there and why it’s so important. Beck’s gentle touch soothes her distress while Decker’s every look sets her body on fire. Caught between the twins, she struggles to understand her instincts and magick while working through the pain caused by a mysterious car accident that left her disabled, barely able to walk. Unable to recover from Summer’s death, Decker slowly surrenders to the Dark. He can’t team decker_2013_large
live with the pain, and those around him keep Autumn’s secret too well. The guilt he feels when he falls for her – and betrays Summer’s memory – drives him farther from the Light, until he loses control and begins taking the souls of Light witchlings. As the protector of Light, Beck must choose between confronting his twin and watching more witchlings suffer. Decker realizes Beck has come between more than him and the witchlings. With neither of them willing to let Autumn go, they turn on each other. Only one of them knows the truth. Only one of them will walk away, unless Autumn can find a way to save them both.

About Lizzy

Lizzy Ford is the author of over seventeen novels written for young adult and adult paranormal romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling “Rhyn Trilogy,” “Witchling Series” and the “War of Gods” series. Considered a freak of nature by her peers for the ability to write and release a commercial quality novel in under a month, Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring. Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat. Connect with Lizzy! Website, Lizzy Ford Books on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Goodreads, Amazon author page

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A Mermaids Curse Blog Tour


Arianna always felt like she didn’t belong in the world where she was born.  Ever since she was little, she used to hide behind the rocks in the sea, and watch the human family who spent their summers on that island.  Over the years, there was nothing she wished more than to be like them, especially so she could get close to Blake, the human boy who she saw turn into a troubled teenager and then, an unhappy man.

Once her dad grew tired of her dreams and hopes for a reality that is not her own, Arianna is thrown into an arranged marriage, and her only way out of it is to make a deal with the power-hungry man who will give her everything that she has ever dreamed of.  Dreams that turn into nightmares as she watches Blake’s world fall apart, because of her and Blake’s inability to control their desires for one another. 


Author Bio:

Daniele Lanzarotta is the author of paranormal/fantasy novels, including the Imprinted Souls Series, Academy of the Fallen, and A Mermaid’s Curse. She has a bachelor's in business and finance and a MBA. With only a few semesters left in school, Daniele started writing as a hobby, but it didn't take long for her to be consumed by her stories. That is her passion, and she now has several projects under way.
She enjoys reading and writing young adult novels with just about any sort of paranormal or supernatural bent...vampires... ghosts... She also enjoys watching hockey, playing rock band, guitar hero and spending time with the family.


Charater Interview With Owen

  Hi Owen, Thank you being here and letting me interview you today. I have to say you are one of my favorite characters in the book! Are you ready to get started?

*Smirks* Hi Steph and thank you.  I’m ready to get started! 

Steph: How would you describe yourself?

Owen: I’m just a guy who likes to have a good time and who goes after what he wants.

Steph: List 3 things no one knows about you?  

Owen: I’m a man of many secrets… Let’s keep it that way.

Steph:  What were you thinking when you met Arianna for the first time? 

Owen: *Shrugs* I had seen her before.  I knew she was the one girl who could get to my brother. 

Steph: What is your family like?  

Owen: In one word… dysfunctional.  

Steph:  If you had a day to do anything you wanted, what would you do? 

Owen: I don’t think my answer is appropriate for your blog, but it would probably involve a bed and handcuffs.

Steph:  What do you find really grates on your nerves? 

Owen: Women with secret agendas…

Steph:  Owen, You've change a lot throughout the book what made you decide to help your brother and Arianna?

Owen: I had my reasons, but keep in mind that changes in actions don’t necessarily mean that the man has changed.

This or That

Exotic cars or Motorcycles?

Exotic cars if I’m with someone.  Motorcycles if I’m alone.

A relationship or A one nighter?  
A one nighter… always a hell of a one nighter. *Grins*


Books or movies? Movies.  If you are looking for a book lover, my brother is your guy.

Boxers or Briefs? (You know the ladies want to know *Wink*) 

 Neither. *Winks* 

(Steph, Falls over)

Day or Night?
Cold or Hot?
Night and cold. Don’t worry… I make sure my hands are always warm. *Winks* 

(Steph, Sounds like a fun night to me) :-)

It's been a lot of fun hanging out with you today and getting to know you. I'm really looking forward to reading the second book, because you always seem to surprise me I never know what you are going to do next.

You think you know me? *Gives sexy crooked smile*  That’s cute.  I do look forward to you reading more.  Who knows?  I might put a few of my walls down and let you in. 



Just leave a comment on the above blog post with your e-mail and I will pick the winners on March 22nd. 

3 winners will receive a signed poster & bookmark
2 Winners will receive a signed bookmark.  


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Death, Doom and Detention (Darklight #2) Blog Tour

Death, Doom and Detention (Darklight #2) by Darynda Jones
4/5 Stars
Published: March 5th 2013
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Genre: Young Adult
Series: Darklight #2
ISBN: 0312625219

Book Description:
The normal part of Lorelei MacAlister’s life didn’t just slip away quietly the day Jared Kovach came to town. Nope. The normal part of her life shattered. It exploded. It burst into a gazillion shards of fleeting light.

It went out with a bang.

Goodbye normal.

Hello dark and eerie.

While her best friend, Brooklyn, is focusing all of her energy on helping Lorelei hone her abilities, Lorelei is dealing with the reality that Satan’s second in command has taken up residence inside her body. Oh, and the fact that she has a crush on the Angel of Death. But what a beautiful death it is. If those weren’t bad enough, something sinister has come to town and it wants nothing more than to hear Lorelei’s dying breath as it strangles it out of her. Thank goodness the gang has a supernatural champion. But what happens when the only being who can save them switches side’s midstream? How can a group of misfits capture one of the most powerful beings ever created? And will they find out how to bring Jared back to them before it’s too late?


Death, Doom and Detention starts out pretty much where book one left off. Lorelei learned in book one that she has a Demon residing in her body hitching a ride and Brooklyn her best friend is trying to get her to use her powers so she can practice and learn her abilities.

But things take a turn for the worst when Jared goes missing for a few days, when he shows up again he does not seem quite like himself and most importantly how do they get him back on their said again?  

Darynda Jones has done an amazing job yet again with this second book in the series. It’s a little bit darker then the first one and that is one of the things I love about this second book, that and we get to know a little bit more about the order and what they do. We don’t really see too much of Jared in this book, and we get more Lorelei. Don’t freak out Jared fans I love him too he is in here just not as much as the last book. I did not really mind that because I really liked learning more about the other characters as well. That is one of the things I love about Darynda’s writing is that you not only get to know the main two characters but a few of the other ones as well.

I would not say this one has a lot of action like the last one but it had no trouble keeping my attention because of all the mystery unfolded in this story. I really, really can’t wait till book 3.


Chapter One

“Is this class ever going to end?”

My best friend, Brooklyn, draped her upper body across her
desk in a dramatic reenactment of Desdemona’s death in Othello.
She buried her face in a tangle of arms and long black hair for
effect. It was quite moving. And while I appreciated her freedom
to express her misgivings about the most boring class since
multi-celled organisms first crawled onto dry land, I wondered
about her timing.

“Miss Prather,” our Government teacher, Mr. Gonzales, said,
his voice like a sharp crack in the silence of study time.

Brooklyn jerked upright in surprise. She glanced around as
our classmates snickered, either politely into their hands or more
rudely outright.

“Is there something you’d like to share with the class?”

She turned toward Mr. Gonzales and asked, “Did I say that
out loud?”

The class erupted in laughter as Mr. G’s mouth formed a long
narrow line across his face. As though a miracle from heaven,
the bell rang and Brooklyn couldn’t scramble out of her seat fast
enough. She practically sprinted from the room. I followed at a
slower pace, smiling meekly as I walked past Mr. G’s desk.
Brooklyn stood waiting for me in the hall, her face still frozen
in surprise.

“That was funny,” I said, tugging her alongside me. She fell
in line as we wound through the crush of students, fighting our
way to PE. I wasn’t sure why. I didn’t particularly enjoy having
my many faults and numerous shortcomings put on display for
all to see, so why I would fight to get there was beyond me.

“No, really.” She tucked an arm through mine. “I didn’t mean
to say that out loud.”

I couldn’t help but smile despite the weight on my chest, a
weight that seemed to be endless. “Which is why that was funny.”
I did that a lot lately. Smiled. It was easier than explaining
why I wasn’t.

“You don’t get it,” she said. “This is exactly what I’ve been
talking about. Everything is weird ever since . . . you know.”

I did know. Ever since Jared Kovach came to town. Ever
since he’d saved my life after a huge green delivery truck
slammed into me. Ever since we’d found out he was the Angel
of Death and he had been sent not to save my life but to take it.
To tweak the timing. To take me sooner than nature— or a huge
green delivery truck— had intended.

And ever since I found out I’d been possessed by a demon
when I was six years old.

Still, that wasn’t the worst part of that day all those years ago.
The worst part was the fact that my parents were gone. Vanished
in a whirlwind when some guy— we still had no idea who—
opened the gates of hell. And I’d led them straight to it. The fact
that a demon—Malak-Tuke, to be exact, Lucifer’s second in command—
escaped from his fiery pit and decided to crash at my
place was just the icing on the cake. But I didn’t know any of
this until two months ago.

I’d been living with my grandparents since the disappearance,
but my semi- normal existence changed forever when I was
knocked into the street by a skateboarder and hit by that truck.
That near- death experience taught me a valuable lesson:
Never get hit by a huge green delivery truck if I can help it. But
if I hadn’t, if my life hadn’t almost ended that day, then Jared
Kovach would not have been sent. And oddly enough, Jared Kovach
was definitely worth the risk.

The events that followed were both terrifying and life changing.
I learned that there really was a heaven and a hell. That
there really were angels and demons. That I was a prophet, the
last prophet in a long line of incredible women, descended from
a powerful woman named Arabeth. And I’d learned that I had a
demon inside me, that I’d had him inside me for years.

Even Jared had never seen anything like it. Most people possessed
by evil spirits were lucky to survive. People possessed by
demons— a rarity, from what I’d been told— never survived more
than a month. Ever. And yet here I stood. As possessed as a girl
with a demon inside her could be.

And, yes, things had been weird.

Author Bio:

NYTimes and USA Today Bestselling Author Darynda Jones has won numerous awards for her work, including a prestigious Golden Heart®, a Rebecca, two Hold Medallions, a RITA ®, and a Daphne du Maurier, and she has received stellar reviews from dozens of publications including starred reviews from Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, and the Library Journal. As a born storyteller, Darynda grew up spinning tales of dashing damsels and heroes in distress for any unfortunate soul who happened by, annoying man and beast alike, and she is ever so grateful for the opportunity to carry on that tradition. She currently has two series with St. Martin’s Press: The Charley Davidson Series and the Darklight Trilogy. She lives in the Land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, with her husband of almost 30 years and two beautiful sons, the Mighty, Mighty Jones Boys. She can be found at

Links To Author:
Links To Purchase Books:

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Piercing the Fold Blog Tour!

Piercing the Fold (Piercing the Fold #1) by Venessa Kimball
4/5 Stars
Published July 2nd 2012
Series: Piercing the Fold #1
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Paranormal

Mature YA/ New Adult Paranormal, Fringe SciFi series
* New Adult/Mature YA due to fringe science theories and concepts*

Jesca Gershon-Sera has an average life on the surface. She is a sophmore in college, has a loving family, and holds a part time job at a local bookstore with her best friend. Her life is pretty normal. Except, under the surface she feels like she is losing her mind. Reoccurring nightmares have plagued Jesca for most of her childhood. She thought nothing of them, until they began intensifying and finding their way into her waking hours. Voices, vivid images and supernatural abilities in her nightmares are beginning to seep into her reality.

Ezra Kahn is one of her college professors. Lately, Ezra happens to be everywhere she is; like he is watching her. Along with the slight fear that her professor is stalking her, Jesca fears that she won't be able to handle much more of the insanity that is blurring her reality. On a chance encounter, Jesca confides in Ezra about the crazy happenings. Jesca thought that he would think her to be insane or a freak. But, to Jesca's surprise, Ezra Kahn reveals that she is not a lunatic and that all of the insanity is very real.
Instantly, Jesca's reality is set askew. Ezra reveals that he has been sent to help her. He tells her she is experiencing these events in her life because of her inherited purpose to protect humanity from inconceivable catastrophe.


Jesca Gershon is you’re a normal college student, except that she is plagued with nightmares since she was a child. Although lately she thinking she is going crazy because her dreams her haunting her even in her waking hours.

What would you do if you found out you had powers and were told that your purpose is to protect humanity from inconceivable catastrophe? How crazy is that right? For Jesca this is not a dream it is a reality, one she must step up and embrace if she is to save Humanity and the ones she loves.

I’m not really a big Sci-Fi fan but I really enjoyed reading this story. The beginning was a little slow for me but once it picked up it was really interesting and sometimes a bit complex at times buy I’m one of those people who loves to try to guess what happens next and it defiantly kept me guessing.  I was really fun to learn about the different worlds and powers the characters have. The story flowed nicely together and I really can’t wait to read what is in store for Jesca next.

How Pinteresting!
Venessa Kimball, author of Piercing the Fold: Book 1 and the soon to be release Surfacing the Rim: Book 2,  stopped by to talk with us about Pinterest and how it has brought her closer to her PtF fans!

Like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has become a virtual phenomenon.  Updating your status has been converted into images through this innovative way of sharing what you are thinking, feeling, what you like, where you would like to go…the list is endless. 
Many authors have found Pinterest to be a place to connect with their fans and use as an instrument of conveying their inspirations.
Author Venessa Kimball is an author that has found this to be true for her as well.
This is what Venessa Kimball had to say on her Pinterest-ing experience!

The first thing I did when I received an invitation for Pinterest was sigh.  I clicked on the icon and I knew I was going to be addicted.  First word that comes to mind…Eye Candy.   Images of creative crafts, locales around the world, amazing food recipes.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for “eye candy”.  And, the way Pinterest has taken off,  many of the greater population enjoys the “eye candy” as well. 

When I started promoting Piercing the Fold: Book1,  I concentrated heavily on my Facebook network as well as my Twitter and Linkedin networks.  In between building relationships on these networks, I would find myself hopping over to Pinterest in between work to take a look at what was new!  Kind of like a virtual magazine break!  Then, one day,  I made a connection.  The awesome, cool gals at “Duo -Lit” blogged about utilizing the internet for promotion and marketing with what you do daily.    So I made a list.  Can you guess what one of the top daily internet stops was  for me?  That’s right, Pinterest.  

So I looked under the music, books category and found a huge community of authors that had created a way for their fans to interact with them through images!  
From that moment, I wanted to give Piercing the Fold: Book 1 fans a  more tangible experience.  Pinterest was the avenue that was going to allow that!  And, the bonus would be that fans would be able to share their inspirations from the book. 

So, what is on the Piercing the Fold : Book 1 Board?  Places in Marietta Georgia, the trails that Jesca ran on in the book, the lake that she encountered Professor Kahn, the coffee shop Xander takes Jesca in Miami, and  resemblances of the characters in the form of a dream cast with actors and actresses .  When fans started “pinning” their dream cast,  I was amazed at how on the spot some of the choices were based off the character descriptions within the book.  
Frequently,  I “like”, comment and even “repin” their additions to other boards related to my books.  An example would be the Piercing the Fold Blog Tour Board I have for this very tour!   Sometimes it starts up a dialogue between the fans and I, which I absolutely love!  The interaction is priceless to me!   

There is also a Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 Board on my Pinterest profile.  I actually started that board while I was drafting.  I think that the “pinning” I did on this board inspired much of what I wrote for book 2.  For instance, much of StR takes place in Japan.  I turned to the internet to give me inspiration of places that would be great settings for StR.  When I found them, I “pinned” them to the board.  Looking back at the board now,  I get sentimental…like I’m looking back through a scrapbook.    Some of these images were of the Jukai, Aokigahara Forest, Sea of Trees.  These were instrumental for me to really put myself in the setting I was writing about during some high action and suspenseful scenes of the book.   

I have just recently invited fans to begin “pinning” to the Surfacing the Rim: Book 2 board since the book will be releasing in a matter of days!  March 14, 2013 is the day!

 If you are a “pinner”,  Venessa Kimball invites you to come by and follow her PtF series boards. Drop her a Facebook message if you would like to “pin” your inspirations from the series. 


About the Author
Venessa Kimball, born October 21, 1975, is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin. Her hometown is San Antonio, Texas. She currently resides in Amarillo,Texas with her loving husband and 3 amazing children.

For 3 years, she taught at an Austin, Texas middle school. For 6 years, she was a full-time Texas Realtor in the Austin Metro Area. 
In 2010, she revisted her writing roots that were so prominent in her high school years. Piercing the Fold, her debut novel, was born on November 23rd of that year. Venessa is a full-time, independent author. 

To find out more about Venessa Kimball and future projects, including the 2nd book in the Piercing the Fold series, friend and follow Venessa on any of these venues:


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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Immortal Prophecy Tour

Immortal Prophecy (The Immortal Prophecy Saga #1) by Samantha Adams & Kay Fry
5/5 Stars
Published: December 13th 2011 by Little Bookworm
Series: The Immortal Prophecy Saga #1

Book Description:
The prophecy has been foretold...
Her destiny has been written...
Her fate has been sealed...

Alessandra Decosta was just your average sixteen year old girl, Until she took a fateful visit to a fortune teller. What happened that night would alter the course of her life forever...

Five years later, Alessandra, now a private investigator, was doing what she thought was a routine stake out...It was to become anything but.

Without any real warning, she found herself in the clutches of the evil vampire, Vincent. Just as she expected to die, James Carlisle, the smoldering immortal that had haunted her dreams and thoughts for the last five years saved her from certain death with only a moment to spare. Her memories of the horrifying encounter are removed and its only when she meets James again at a masquerade ball, does she begin to have flashbacks of her brush with Vincent and the intoxicating Immortal that saved her life.

Alessandra is the only thing that stands between the immortals, the guardians of the human race and the vampires, the destruction of all mankind.


The story starts off with Ally and her best friend visiting a fortune teller. She tells Ally that she will have two men in her life one who is her soul mate and one who will stop at nothing to kill her.  5 years later Ally is a private investigator, When she was out on a stake out she sees something that is just not right and when she is attacked James Carlisle her protector and soul mate saves her, and when he does he makes sure she does not remember being attacked. But when she meets James again at her grandmother’s ball everything starts coming back, and she wants answers but can she be able to stand the ones she gets. Ally must come to terms with who she is and what she must do or she will  lose everyone she holds dear and her life as well.

I loved this story very much, I adored James and Ally they are so good together and James is just so darn sweet. I don’t think I really have a favorite character in this book because there are so many who have come to mean a lot to me like, James and Ally also the family who helps him run his home in Scotland and then there is also Ally’s best friend and grandmother.

The story will pull you in pretty quickly as it moves at a great pace, that will keep you interested until the end. I’m really looking forward to reading the next book in the series to see what happens next. Defiantly a book I will recommend to people who love paranormal romance.  


“Alessandra,” Madame Isabella began, the tone of her voice becoming ominous and foreboding. Ally felt a shiver of dread run through her body. She should have listened to those instincts and gotten out of here, but no…

“You are a hunted woman, Alessandra. Two men are bound to you by destiny, but both have very different purposes. James Carlisle has been sent to protect you. Trust him with your life, he is your guardian and soulmate. Vincent, the other man, wants you dead…” She paused as she looked into the crystal ball, her eyes widened slightly and her lips parted in surprise. “Someone you love is keeping a secret from you that will shatter your world and change your life in ways you cannot imagine. You are not who you think you are, Alessandra.”
Ally, was vaguely aware of Kathryn’s arm around her. The feeling of dread had completely absorbed her to the point that she was paralyzed with fear.
“Are you ok, Ally?” her friend whispered, while giving her arm a squeeze.
Ally’s only response was a vague nod.

Madame continued, “Two people close to you will die, you cannot stop this. It is all meant to be and will mark the beginning of the prophecy…the prophecy you were born to fulfil.”

Ally’s breath caught in her throat. “Prophecy? What prophecy?”

“You were born to save an ancient race and kill Vincent. He will die at your hand if the prophecy is fulfilled.” The fortune teller paused for a moment, feeling desperately sorry for the sweet innocent girl sitting before her, but she knew that hiding the truth from her would ultimately lead to her demise. She leaned over and grabbed Ally’s hand in an effort to offer her some comfort. “The destiny that has been chosen for you will not be an easy one, but you were born to do this. No matter what do not lose hope, if you lose hope, then you have already lost, and you will die. Vincent will win, and the human race will be slaughtered with no one to protect them.”

Ally snatched her hand back as if it was burned. With a deceptively calm voice she said, “I want to go home, Kathryn. Now!”

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 About the Authors

Samantha Adams
Samantha Adams is a young stay at home mum to her son, and is lucky enough to be married to her very own soulmate, Scott.

She lives in a leafy suburb of Melbourne with her family and two dogs, Coco and Ellie.
Coco was the inspiration for Alessandra's dog in her debut novel, Immortal Prophecy, which she wrote with her mum, Kay.

She loves dogs, adores horse riding, is absolutely addicted to reading YA paranormal romances and historical romances and would love to live in England   one day.

Author Links
Website / Blog / Facebook / Twitter

Kay Fry
Kay never thought she would find herself writing a novel. It was a secret dream she thought wouldn't come to fruition.

As for life outside of writing, Kay lives in a leafy Melbourne suburb, loves walking around the local lake and has a desire to travel the world. Her favourite authors are Dean Koontz and Victoria Holt. She loves dancing, getting creative and of course, shoe shopping!

Author Links
Blog / Twitter / Facebook

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Resisting Fate Tour

Resisting Fate (Predetermined, #1) by Heather Powell

4/5 stars
Published: February 8th 2013
Publisher: Midnight Hour Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Book Description:

Eighteen Year old Emmy O’Connell is the epitome of a hot mess right now. The supposed love of her life up and left town to attend some ridiculous boarding school, leaving nothing but a vague email in his wake. Her step douche is constantly drunk and badgering her too, and her mother? Well, she’s a just a miserable shell of a woman, and Emmy, along with her four year old brother, are suffering because the lady just can’t seem to get her life straight. And then the elusive Jack Hartman saunters into town. That’s when things go from downright awful ... to just plain disastrous.

The jerk cousin of her boyfriend becomes Emmy’s worst nightmare, times ten. He’s cruel and insensitive, but then there’s that strange ability he has over her; the one where he can make Emmy weak in the knees with the single touch of his hand. But no matter how miserable or amazing Jack makes her feel, Emmy can’t seem to deny him, especially when he takes on the role of her protector, otherwise known as her sudo knight in shining armor, riding in on his black Harley.

But then the impossible happens, rearing its head in the shape of a hairy wolf shifter. And the stubborn, unassuming Emmy is thrown head first into the center of it all. Will Emmy be able to handle the supernatural mess that is now considered her life? Or in the end, will she fight against the inevitable fate that her heart keeps insisting she grabs a hold of?


Emmy has had a really hard life; she is 18 and lives with her mom, 4 year old brother and step farther. Her mother is one of those women who is needy and thinks she needs a man, and her step father is lazy and abusive. The only good thing in Emmy’s life is her brother, best friend and her boyfriend Zachary.  

Until one day Emmy receives an email from Zachary saying he is leaving for a boarding school. This is where everything hits the fan. , Zachary’s Cousin Jack moves into town and becomes poor Emmys wordy nightmare. Only she is not sure whether she wants to kiss him or punch him in the face. Somehow he ends up being just what Emmy needs her Knight on a Harley as she would say. But when she is thrown into the world of the supernatural she is not sure what to do or how to come to terms with it. With a unknown (to her) person who is hunting her down and wants her dead she must trust the ones who brought her into to miss to stay alive.

I loved Jack he is your typical bad boy, Sexy, cocky and a real pain in the butt sometimes and he wears leather and drives a Harley.

Emmy, I loved how much she loved her little brother and how protective she is of him. She did not seem like a very strong character to me. What I mean by that is she does not really take charge and she seems to always need to be saved all the time. The one thing that bugged me a little was the fact that she is 18 years old but she acts in my opinion like she is about 15-16 years old and needs to mature a little bit. With that said I do want to read the second book to see what happens next.

About the Author:
Heather Powell currently resides in northern Illinois, with her three little ladies, and her fabulous hubby (and high school sweetheart) Chris. She’s a stay at home mom by day, and an avid and completely obsessive writer and reader by night.

Heather has always had a soft spot in her heart for books, and has been creating her own little stories since the age of seven. But she never really had the confidence or the time to actually sit down and make something of her stories until her youngest daughter Isabella was born just two years ago. Bella, as well as her older sisters Kelsey and Emma, are and always will be Heather’s greatest inspirations.

Resisting Fate, book one in the Pre-Determined trilogy, is her young adult, paranormal baby! It’s packed full of wolves…witches…and one sassy little red-headed teenage girl! She had an absolute blast writing it, and can’t wait to share it with the world!

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