Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Review: Jar of Pandora (Symbol of Hope #2)

Jar of Pandora (Symbol of Hope #2) by Marisette Burgess
4/5 Stars
Expected publication: November 1st 2012 by WRB Books

Book Description:

Kasey Reese ran from a life of responsibility to study abroad in Deia, Spain. She hoped for an adventure, but what unfolded in Spain was beyond the imaginable. In that remote little village she met the love of her life, Dion - a twenty-year-old immortal saint.

Kasey and Dion return to America only to realize their love is challenged by their opposite virtues and Kasey’s dysfunctional family.

Unique and action-packed, in this book Kasey learns that Pandora is her immortal grandmother. Determined to find her and to uncover many truths, Kasey sets out with Dion on a deadly journey. But answers come with a great cost - a three thousand year old prophecy, a feud of the gods and death.


Jar of Pandora is a unique blend of Christianity and Greek Myths with a little romance. I fell I love with the first book in the series I love Kasey and Dion’s story. In this second book the story continues and Kasey and Dion are off to America.  One of the things I really love about this book is that Dion’s family is so close and they are so funny! I just get a kick out of the twins and some of the things they say and tease Kasey about.  

Marisette did a wonderful job writing this book! You take an amazing journey right along with the characters and get to know them really well as Kasey and Dion search for Pandora. What is really cool is in this book we get to meet some of the Greek Gods! Beware things are not as they seem there are a few twists in this book that will leave you saying what in the world and some that will even leave you crying! I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series to see what happens next! This is such a cool take on Pandora’s story I recommend reading it!

* This book was given to me by the author for an honest review. 

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