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Review: Myriah Fire by Claudy Conn

 Myriah Fire by Claudy Conn

Published November 27th 2011

 Book Description:

It started with a stolen kiss …

Fiery Myriah Whitney is wild of nature, contrary, and independent. But when her father catches her kissing the handsome Sir Roland (how else is she to determine if he is the one who will make her feel thunder and lightning, hear bells and music?), he declares that her days of headstrong independence are over. She will, he commands, announce her engagement to Sir Roland—immediately.

But in an age where marriages are about alliances rather than affection, practicality not passion, Myriah wants more—she wants to fall in love. And she does not love Sir Roland. So she runs away to her grandfather with her faithful manservant, Tabson, at her side.

A wrong turn in the fog, however, leads to the discovery of an injured young man, and before she knows it Myriah is caught up in world of intrigue and secrets. And when she meets the young man’s older brother, the mysterious Lord Kit Wimborne, the sparks fly. Their first encounter—in his bed, both of them naked, no less!—is an explosion of wills, and it is what finally set Myriah on fire.

She has, it seems, finally found her thunder and lightning…


Myriah Fire is a fun sexy read right from the very start!
Myriah is a smart, headstrong and feisty women and she's not about to let her father marry her off to someone she does not love. Myriah takes off in the middle of the night to her grandfathers house hoping to have some time to make her father realize that she will not marry Sir Roland. Little did she know she would soon be caught in a world full on secrets and lies. Will She finally find that love that will set her on fire?

This book was fun and what a great adventure! I just loved Lord Kit Wimborne,  Myriah and his younger brother! What a page turner! Myriah Fire was a fun light sexy read. I'd defiantly recommend this to people who love Historical Romance with strong characters.

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