Friday, February 14, 2014

Spotlight: Author Tara Rose

 Book description:

A Grave Exchange will leave you breathless, shaking from head to toe, glowing, turned on and giddy with excitement over such a rare find.

Ivy Steele is the character all women today find in themselves, someone strong, independent, but who has a horrid past to overcome.

Lucius Valentine is a leader amongst his men who swore to uphold his kingdom but tragedies set in and his fate is sealed, until he meets the beautiful Ivy.

Can they together dare to dream of true love, can they together survive what fate has thrown their way or will their relationship end in doom?

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 Book description: 

Can true love be found and nurtured in World War II?

Heather was sent to a concentration camp to report back to her country the crimes of humanity. She ends up with in over her head with no way out.

Viktor was the most ruthless leader of the concentration camp, he knows Heather's life is numbered in mere days and yet she attracts him like a moth to a flame.

Will Viktor give up all trying to save Heather? Will Heather cross the enemy lines 
 for true love?

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About the Author:

Tara Rose was born in Dublin, Ireland in March 1973 to a house full of boys, she grew up full of mischief with an eye for dark humor and unusual detail. She moved State side in 2006 to discover one of many dreams. She has written her whole life finding no matter how difficult life may get writing truly became a form of therapy and release, A Grave Desire based in WWII is now out at all eBook stores, what will become of Heather and Viktor? Can love overcome every obstacle in it's way? Will love be enough to save them? A Grave Exchange was her first release in the series A Grave Passion. A wee quote Tara has always lived by and totally recommends to adhere to: Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. 

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  1. Thanks so much for having me Steph! It's such an honor to be here today on Valentine's day!

  2. I've read "A Grave Exchange" and have "A Grave Desire" on my kindle. Tara writes with such heartfelt emotion that you can't help but be drawn into her stories. You won't be disappointed adding this author to your "TBR" pile.


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