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Review: Rogues Rakes & Jewels by Claudy Conn

Rogues Rakes & Jewels by Claudy Conn 
 * Note: This book is currently free, I'm not sure for how long though. 

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Book Description:

The Marquis of Lyndhurst is tired of women who are more attracted to his title and money than to his charms. So when his mother requests that he go to the Isle of Wight to court another eligible woman, Ryker decides on a little game … his cousin Robby will pose as him, and he will pose as his cousin—a rake and a gambler. If the woman falls in love with him, it will be for himself. Only then will he reveal who he is.

What the marquis doesn’t expect, however, is someone like Jewelene. Lovely and provocative, intelligent and headstrong, Jewels cares not for status and wealth. Ryker finds her irresistible, and she finds herself falling for the handsome man she believes to be the marquis’ cousin.

But Jewelene is playing a game of her own. In a daring bid to repay her family’s debts, each night she poses as Babette, the French card dealer. When Ryker begins flirting with the sultry Babette, Jewelene realizes she has become her own rival. If she reveals the truth, will her house of cards come tumbling down?

**note: this is an updated version of an earlier novel written as Claudette Williams. The updated versions of Claudy's Claudette Williams titles are more sexually explicit than the original versions.


Readers will enjoy reading Rogues Rakes & Jewels, It’s funny and the romance is quite Steamy! In this book the two main characters find themselves Attracted to one another but their secrets end up keeping them a part. Jewels is trying to figure out ways to repay her family’s debts and ends up posing as Babette a French card dealer and The Marquis of Lyndhurst, poses as his cousin so he can find out If the woman falls in love with him, it will be for himself, Not his money. 

I loved the plot, It was set at a great pace and the characters were very well written and thought out. You really get a feel for them on an emotional level and get a sense of what they are going though. I’d defiantly recommend reading this book.  

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