Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hunter By C.W. Nash

                       Hunter By C.W. Nash

 4/5 Stars 

Book description

 As Cole Alexander prepares to make his way in the world, luck would have it, he meets the love of his life, Leila McLerran. Cole is diagnosed with a horrible disease that forces him to rethink the way that he wants his life to go. With death staring Cole in the face, he makes the decision that he doesn’t want to live the rest of his days without Leila. As Cole and Leila plan for their future together, a vampire forever changes the course of their lives. Left a wreck of his former self, Cole meets Professor Job Fergusson, who steps in to tell him a secret: Cole’s disease gives him a slight edge over the undead and together they can dispose of the world’s plight. Will Cole join the secret society of the Venatori and seek revenge, or is it all too much?


What would you do if you found the love of your life and then got the terrible news that you got diagnosed with a horrible disease? It made Cole rethink the way he wants his life to go. Battling this disease his girlfriend Leila is right there beside him though everything, they are madly in love. Till one day a vampire changes everything forever…. Cole was destroyed by what happened,  ]When he meets Professor Job Fergusson who lets him into the secret life of a vampire hunter and what it means to be one, because of the disease Cole has he gets a big advantage over the vampires.  Will he pass the test and be let into the secret society of the Venatori or will the vampires kill him before he has a chance?

I loved the fact that this book is different than a lot of vampire books out there, it’s unique and defiantly one of a kind and the vampires in this book are not so nice. I laughed and I cried a long with Cole, I loved Leila she was sweet and strong to deal with everything going on this truly was a great love story. I really hope there will be a 2nd book, C.W.Nash really knows how to paint a picture and I really want to know what happens next! 

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