Friday, August 24, 2012

Review of Frozen Heart by Annabelle Blume

                 Frozen Heart by Annabelle Blume

 4.5 Stars

Book Description 

Cressenda knows how to survive. With her sled dogs as her only companions, she’s spent the past ten years hiding in the snow covered wilderness from the oppressive regime of the Affinity. When a routine trip to civilization takes a turn for the worst, Cressenda is forced to take refuge with the enemy or lose her life to the frozen countryside.

But Beckett, a Guard of the Affinity, is more than a man in uniform. His desperate need to help Cressenda escape both- the blizzard and the Affinity- makes her feelings for him all the more troubling. Will Beckett be true to his word and set Cressenda free? Will her heart let her leave after all they’ve shared?

My Review

Set sometime in the future, in a Dystopian setting Frozen Heart will take you on Caessenda’s journey to survive and who knows maybe she might even find love. 

Cressenda is what they call an Outlier because she does not live within the rules of the Affinity. Outliers are treated as if they are dangerous threats, so if caught, any Outlier would be put into a work camp.  When a routine trip to the Trade Path goes wrong Cressenda meets Beckett, an Affinity Guard, he soon learn of her Missing person status. He should have taken her but he doesn’t. When a snow storm warning goes off Cressenda knows she has to leave and now so she can beat the incoming storm. Beckett knows there is no way she can beat that storm and offers her a place to stay. Will Beckett be true to his word and set Cressenda free after the storm blows over? 

I liked about the book is that Annabelle paints a great picture, I loved the plot and how the book is set in an ice age. I thought that part was great it’s so different from the other dystopian books I’ve read. 

I think the only thing that I really thought needed work was the story went by so fast at time almost rushed. For a girl who trusts no one she falls for a guy in 3 days but other than that it was a wonderful read and I hope there is more to come.

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