Friday, September 7, 2012

Review of Highlander's Bride by Deborah Gafford

            Highlander's Bride by Deborah Gafford

4/5 Stars
Historical Romance

Book Description

  Highlander's Bride Fiery Highland beauty, Katherine Gordon, wants only one thing: to escape from of the marriage suddenly arranged for her by her parents-marriage to a man she knows nothing about. She's determined to marry a man who will love her with his whole heart and who she will love as wildly in return-the way her father and her mother love each other. And she's certain that man is not the rough, arrogant Highlander to whom she finds herself betrothed. . Alexander MacGregor is a warrior born and bred, with the wide, muscular shoulders of a man who practices with a broadsword every day and the arrogance of a soldier who fears nothing. Save his father's sudden order that he must marry the Lady Katherine, when duty has bound him to another course. Nether Katherine nor Alexander know that danger is stalking Katherine, danger only their marriage will avert...if it's not already too late "Sizzling Historical Romance at its finest " Victoria Dark Author of Dangerous to Love.


I loved this book it was full of emotion from the hot romance to the action scenes. You really feel for the characters in the book, they want nothing to do with an arranged marriage but they really can’t do anything about it. 

 Katherine is strong willed and stubborn she is one woman who will not go down without a fight! She will do anything to be able to marry a man who loves her with his whole heart. 

Alexander is an arrogant, rough highland warrior, who’s sexy and doesn’t fear anything. Duty bound to merry Katherine Alexander must also find a way to protect her from a threat neither of them know about. Will they find out in time or will it be too late in the end?

The Highlander’s Bride is a wonderful read that will take you back in time to the Highlands of Scotland.  This is defiantly a book I will read again and recommend to my friends & readers. 

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