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Review & Giveaway of Guardian of Time (Shardwell Book 2)

Guardian of Time (Shardwell Book 2) by A. Gerry C. Hall

5/5 Stars
Published 2012 by Scribes of Shardwell, LLC
Paperback, 422 pages

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Book Description:

A secret has the power to destroy a Kingdom. 

I have learned this though both isolation and sorrow my inheritance is a legacy of lies- They flow through my family like poison. Each new morning they become harder to hide.

But now my world is in turmoil. The Second Kingdom has already fallen. Demons rise from its ashes, crossing our borders to slaughter my people. Betrayal threatens to consume all I strive to defend. The Jeweled City is on the brink of war. Only my marriage to a stranger can slow its tide.

How will I choose between duty and love?


Guardian of Time is a completely different book than Phoenix Angel and takes place in a different demotion or “Shard” as they call it. Prince Raeylan and his twin sister Margariete, are trying to defend their kingdom from demons who are crossing the border. That is just the start of things. When Margariete meets a new friend, Esilwen, who has lost her memory things really start to get interesting. Esilwen starts to fall in love with Raeylan and him with her but he must marry another in hopes to save his kingdom. Love is found & hearts are broken in this fantasy full of suspense and adventure. 

One of the things I loved is how strong the characters are they really hold their own and the way you get wrapped up in the story and forget where you are. This book mostly focuses on Margariete and Esilwen and their journey, loves and losses. The detail from the mythology of their god’s to the different Shards is just amazing. I can’t wait to read what happens next in the series or where they will end up. This really is a must read for fantasy lovers and I highly recommend it! 

 About the author's: 

 A. Gerry developed an interest in fantasy at a young age. In middle school, she fell in love with writing short stories and was thrilled when her sister proposed creating a series of novels together. Her fondness of writing comes from many sources, but the most prominent is her avid devotion to video games.  Some of her favorites include Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls series, and anything that lets her shoot zombies. She received a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Utah University and teaches at a local charter school. 

 C. Hall has been addicted to the many realms of fantasy and science fiction all her life. She joined her first peer writers’ group in the sixth grade, joyfully sharing world building at a young age. A graduate of Southern Utah University, she now teaches at a local charter school. When she isn’t busy designing activities for her Mythology class or going on field trips with the Star Wars Club, she is spending time with her sister, A Gerry. C. Hall’s favorite authors include J.R.R Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, and Tracy Hickman.

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  1. Too many to even pick! Does black dagger brotherhood count as fantasy? If so that would be it

  2. I can't pick a favorite yet, but right now I'm reading the Lord of the Rings trilogy, so that might become my favorite! :)

  3. There are so many to choose from. I really like the mortal instruments series.

    Thank you for the giveaway.

    Mackenzie :)

  4. Right now im readind Iced by Kmm I love that series.

  5. Actually The Lord of The Rings is my favorite. Hoping I can find more to like. Thank you again for the giveaway.

  6. My favorite fantasy series are The Wheel of Time series

  7. I love me some BDB, But I also love anything about Witch's/

  8. Hmm.. not sure it is really a fantasy series, but I really like the House of Night books by PC and Kristen Cast.

  9. the house of night series is one of my favs


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