Monday, November 19, 2012

Why Indies Rock!

Why Indies Rock!

First let me say that I’m so happy to be a part of this tour. I chose this date because it’s my birthday and being able to show my love and support for all the hard working indie authors out there is one of the best presents I could ask for!

I never knew indie authors existed until I bought my E-Reader almost 2 years ago. I know it’s crazy! The very first indie book I read was Lizzy Ford’s Damian's Oracle: War of Gods. Ever since then I’ve been hooked not just on Lizzy’s books, though I am a huge fan but on a ton of other indie’s as well. I don’t think everyone really knows how hard indie authors work to bring us their stories, from researching, hiring an editor, cover artists, promoting, buying their own swag to giveaway and many hours writing and that is just the start. Don’t forget they spend hours on social network sites like Facebook chatting and answering questions from their fans! That right there says a lot it’s great to be able to talk to an author whose book you fell in love with.

I’ve only been a reviewer for almost a year but I have met some amazing people indie and published who have become great friends and I love you all dearly. If you are one of the people who has never read or heard of indie author’s please take a look I will grantee you there is an indie book out there that you will just fall in love with. I will be the first to admit I’m 100% addicted to reading Indie books. 

Official Schedule

November 1st- Tamara Beard 

November 2nd- Amber Garza

November 3rd- Alli & Laura

November 4th- Lori Parker

November 5th- Jennifer Bogart

November 6th- Coral Russel

November 8th- Jo Michaels

November 9th- Tammy-Louise Wilkins

November 10th- Matt Gannon

November 11th- Brianna Lee

November 12th- Katie Shelby

November 13th- L. Leander

November 14th- Cynthia Hill

November 15th- Mandy Anderson

November 16th- Jamie Loeak

November 17th- Amy Miles

November 18th-Karly Blakemore-Mowle

November 19th- Steph Brentson

November 20th- Annie Walls

November 21st- Becky Elizabeth Searson 

November 23rd- Jamie Cross

November 24th- Teresa Gabelman

November 25th- Jennifer

November 26th- Ren Reidy

November 27th- Delphina Miyares

November 28th- Nikki

November 29th- L.a. Freed

November 30th- Patricia Lynne

December 1st- Mary Smith

December 2nd- Danielle Banister

December 3rd- Janiera Eldridge 

December 4th- Caddy Rowland

December 5th- Shanora Williams

December 6th- LM Preston

December 7th- Candy Ann Little

December 8th- Jill Cooper

December 10th- Shelly Pratt

December 11th- Kelley Grealis

December 12th- Michelle Hughes

December 13th- Allison Medina

December 14th- Angela

December 15th- Jennifer Martinez

December 17th- Kristina Snyder

December 18th- Jolene Perry

December 19th- Stephanie Constante

December 20th- Jessica Gibson

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