Friday, November 2, 2012

Review: My Highland Love by Tarah Scott

My Highland Love by Tarah Scott
5/5 Stars
Published September 22nd 2012 by Silver Publishing

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How does a woman tell her betrothed that she murdered her first husband?

Elise Kingston is a wanted woman. Nothing, not even Highlander Marcus MacGregor, will stop her from returning home to ensure that the man responsible for her daughter’s death hangs.

Until she must choose between his life and her revenge.


If you love historical romance this book is for you! It is long so get comfy because once you start you will not want to stop and it goes pretty quick once you get into it. The first thing I loved about My Highland Love is that the main characters are older, Elise had a daughter and Marcus our sexy Highland warrior is a Highland Laird, he is also the son of a Duke, making him a Lord. You never know what is going to happen next with Elise, She’s one smart, stubborn and feisty woman who refuses to give up no matter what especially when it comes to the man who killed her daughter. Elise will stop at nothing to make sure he pays for what he did. 

Elise and Marcus will have you going through a range of emotions one being needing a cold shower! The chemistry between these two characters will leave you breathless! This is one book I will defiantly read over and over! 

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