Friday, March 7, 2014

Interview: Cover model John Quinlan

Hi everyone, I’d like to introduce you to cover model John Quinlan. Lucky John gets to be our very first (Get your dirty mind out of the gutter) cover model interview. hehe


I'm guessing healthy living is one of the keys to your modeling career's success. On a typical day, what is your diet and exercise regime?
 I usually train 5x per week with an even mix of weight training and cardio work. I like to train with weights 3x per week with aerobic activity the other two. My diet is pretty good year round as my weight stays relatively the same. I do tighten up on my diet if an event is coming up. I stick with the basics and avoid empty calories. My carbohydrates mainly consist of oatmeal, cereal and rice and drink mostly water. My protein comes from chicken, fish and eggs along with protien supplements. I am a former vegan but gave it up as I love my steak to much which I enjoy 1-2x per week. When I have some down time Greek pizza is my ultimate favorite with authentic Italian food being the greatest tasting stuff on Earth. PS, spinach artichoke dip is my kryptonite! LOL! 

What was your journey like to becoming a model? How did you get the idea?

I was modeling as a teen in the fitness world doing brochures back in the day while I was training at the local gyms. Over the course of time I became a more established model expanding in other genres. I was never really serious about it when I was younger and the only thing that made me pursue it was so many people said I had the look to be successful. After a while I just gave in to the masses and said, "what the hell" and went for it. This past January I was a featured fashion and sports model in Italy for Duemila Magazine so when I look back I am glad I listened to everybody.    
 Besides romance novel covers, what other types of modeling do you do?
I have done many different genres that include art, fashion and fitness & sports. I enjoy them all as each one is unique in its own way.  

What have been some of your more unique photo shoots?
 So many of them have been "unique" although I really enjoyed the ones where the weather is very hot because I hate the cold. I shot in the Las Vegas desert back in 2012 and it was 105 degrees with no humidity. I felt right at home there, ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

(I understand I am not a fan of the cold either)

Anymore romance cover photo shoots on the horizon for you?
 Yes, one week from today I will be shooting and part of that shoot will have a romance theme to it. I am leaning more towards the classy suit shots for cover material this time.

(You look great in a suit I can't wait to see the cover)

Are you single? If not, does your significant other ever point out or read the covers you’re featured on?
I am married and she hasn't read any books that I am the cover model for to my
knowledge. I never thought of that, I will have to ask, LOL!

How can fans stay up-to-date on all your latest news?
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