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Spotlight: Jaden Sinclair

Forget Me Not Guardian Book 1


Start the Guardians series with Book 1

Julian Marino has been searching for his Bloodmate forever. He is beginning to lose all hope of finding her. Without his other half, Julian feels all alone, not sure of his place in this world. Deciding to go see his best friend is a small comfort for him, but his respite doesn’t last long when an elder of their race asks Julian for help.
A war is brewing, a war which could destroy the entire vampire race if left unchecked. Julian is called to the battle, so he must halt his search for the woman he can never forget. In order for him to live, he must fight. But when he discovers a Guardian is following him, a protector of their kind, he learns how serious this war is and how dangerous making the wrong decision could be.

*Content Warning: May contain graphic scenes and sexual content. Intended for 18+ audience.


Sensing a presence, Julian swung around and looked up. In the shadows on a rooftop, a figure stood alone, so still he wondered for a brief moment if he saw anyone at all. He was about to turn when it moved. The darkness surrounding him lightened at the sight of the brightness from the eyes of one of his own kind. A vampire! Neither said a word, but Julian discerned the shape of a female body hidden behind a long coat with a hood. Those bright eyes were something he’d never seen before, just as he’d never seen a female vampire. Yet, the female perched on the roof watching him had a set of shining eyes, and her stance seemed almost lethal, as if she was poised, ready to strike. He couldn’t deny what he saw, even if it was unbelievable. About to speak, a scream of pleasure from further down the alley distracted him. He peeled his gaze away from the figure on the roof and glanced into the dark at two lovers. Taking in the scent of their pleasure, he wished it was his. When he glanced back up, the woman was gone. Searching the roof peaks to find her, he saw nothing. Curious as to not only what she was, but why she was there, Julian did what any other hunter would do. After he put himself back in his jeans, he found an old fire ladder and climbed it. Up on the roof, he saw all the dark alleys, people, everything, but not the one thing he sought. Off in the distance he caught sight of something black disappearing over another roof. Turning, wind picking up his trench coat, Julian went in the direction of his quarry. He ran on top of the slippery roofs, jumping over old smokestacks shooting hot steam. Although he was only four houses behind her, she was so fast he couldn’t seem to catch up as quickly as he should. When close enough, he lunged at her, wrapping both arms around her legs, taking them both down. He thought he had the upper hand, but she shocked the shit out of him by turning her body and kicking him in the face with unbelievable strength, more than any vampire should have, breaking his hold on her. He sprang back up to his feet, only to have her sweep his legs, knocking him down once more. Staying down, one leg bent ready to move if he needed to, Julian watched her slowly stand up. The hood covered her hair and most of her face, and dark sunglasses now covered those shiny eyes of hers. But he didn’t need to see her eyes to know she glared down at him. He could feel it. Julian lunged, grabbing the front of her coat. She hit his hand away and swung her body around, backhanding him hard in the face. “And here I was going to be nice,” he said. She snorted loudly, and a very small grin tugged at the corner of her mouth. Her fists flying, she went at him. Blocking the blows took all of his training and most of his strength to stay on the roof and not slide off. She caught him with painful hits on the arms. He blocked a strike to his head with both of his arms. She kicked him in the gut, knocking the air right out of his lungs, dropping him to his knees again. “I’m almost impressed,” she said, her voice sounding detached. “Almost—but not quite.” She turned her back on him and ran to the next house. Skidding to a stop at the edge of the roof, she turned once more toward him. Julian held his gut, trying to breathe without pain and not get sick. He stood up just as she jumped up in the air, did a back flip with her legs stretched out as far as they would go, and disappeared. By the time he reached the edge, there was no sign of her up or down the dark alley. She was gone. “Shit,” he mumbled, rubbing his stomach.
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Author Bio:

Jaden Sinclair is the mother of two boys, married for thirteen years and has lived in Kansas most of her life. Her family supports her writing dream and are amazed at how vivid her imagination is at times.

She dreams up most of her ideas and writes every one of them down, making sure that one day her characters will get their own book. With so many new books coming to her almost daily it's a wonder at times she ever gets anything done. One of the interesting things that Jaden does with her writing is that she can always work on more than one book at a time.

In her spare time, when she can escape from the computer, Jaden knits and reads. But it's her love for writing as well as taking care of her family that keeps her the most busy.
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