Monday, March 31, 2014

Review: Shattered Web (Deizian Empire #4) by Crista McHugh

Shattered Web (Deizian Empire #4) by Crista McHugh

Expected publication: May 2014
ARC Review

Series: Deizian Empire #4

Book Description:

 With the birth of the imperial heir days away, Marcus is entrusted with an urgent mission by his best friend, Emperor Titus Sergius Flavus – unraveling the mysterious disappearance of every living soul in a trading post along the barrier. Unfortunately, all the clues point to the one woman he loved and lost. Even though his mind urges caution, his heart longs for a second chance to prove to her they belong together.
The daughter of the most infamous courtesan in Emona, Sexta faked her death in order to gain her freedom, never guessing fate would entwine her path with the one man she loved enough to let go. But now, she not only has to deny her feelings for him after every tantalizing kiss—she needs to prove her innocence before the true enemy brings the empire to its knees.

Crista McHugh takes us on a sexy and dangerous adventure in Shattered Web the 4th book in the Deizian Empire series. Fate sure does have a way of bringing people together, even when one of them would rather run in the other direction. 

Sexta has loved Marcus for a long time, she loved him enough to let him go but fate has other Ideas. When she fakes her own death to gain her freedom she is finally able to do what she has always wanted. But is she really free? Soon Sexta is in a battle for not only her life but the safety of the whole empire. Can she prove that she is incent or will her and the empire fall?  

Sexta and Marcus are in for one hell of a ride, Love, adventure and heart break are in their future, they will have to learn to trust one another to save each other along with the empire. 

What a great adventure! I loved Sexta and Marcus, they are so perfect for one another and are so funny when they are battling each other. They seem to butt heads a lot because are both strong willed and refuse to give up, and this makes for a really great story. I found myself finishing this book in one day, I just could not put it down I had to know what happened next. I highly recommend reading this if you love a great Fantasy adventure, its perfect!! 

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