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Air (Akasha #2) by Terra Harmony

                     Air (Akasha #2) by Terra Harmony


Warning if you have not read Water you may not want to read this review as it will contain spoilers you can find my review of water (Here).

Kaitlyn is hiding something huge from everyone, she’s pregnant and the only one that knows is Micah’s sister Susan.  Not by her choice though Susan’s element is water so she can tell that Kaitlyn is Pregnant. In Water book 1 Shawn had kidnapped and raped her repeatedly while holding her hostage so she's afraid that the baby may be Shawn's and not Micah's. That’s one of the reasons she is hiding the baby.  Since she refuses to tell anyone about the baby she still has to go out on missions hoping nothing happens to the baby or herself.  

When an Air element comes to stay with them he learns of her secret very fast, and has promised to keep it. But what happens when the person you thought was your friend betrays you in the end?  What would you do to keep you and your baby safe from everyone who may or may not want one of you dead? 

The book certainly picked with action, betrayals, secrets revealed, battles, humor and even more romance! The cliffhanger Is a real killer though and I am dying for the Next book in the series! I loved Air and I hope that you will fall in love with it as much as did. 

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