Sunday, April 15, 2012

Illumine by Alivia Anders

                Illumine (Illumine #1) by Alivia Anders


Alivia did a wonderful job with this book, it’s fast paced, exciting and it defiantly left me wanting to know what happens next. Essallie is learning things all throughout this book, what she is & learning about her father. Essallie really goes on an amazing journey to find out about herself and what she is capable of.

 Essallie goes to a party that her boyfriend, Chase is hosting. She was unaware that he had plans to offer her soul to a demon, named Kayden.  When Chase summons the Demon, everything goes to hell for him they don’t work out as planned Essallie gets away.  After that she moves back to her hometown to start over. Essie finds out she has powers she had no clue she had. She just wants to be accepted at school and not treated as an outcast. Then she starts seeing the Demon where ever she goes he follows and will not leave her be, he even has her thinking she’s starting to go nuts.  But as secrets begin unraveling, it could change Essallie's and everyone else life around her forever. 

you can find out more about Alivia's books on her Website and Facebook page.

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