Friday, April 27, 2012

Guardian by Gillian Joy

                              Guardian by Gillian Joy


(Book Description)

Headstrong and determined, Hannah always knew that she would become the Guardian. She was the keeper and the protector of all supernatural beings. What she didn't expect was that it would mean she would have to endure the agonizing death of her mother first hand as their supernatural connection brings her to her knees, or that it would mean that she could never be with the man she loved.

Blond haired, blue eyed Gabriel was her handsome childhood friend, but would circumstances prevent her from ever being able to explore her true feelings for him?

Jesse, the dark alluring but incorrigible vampire would give anything to be with her, but as the guardian Hannah is forbidden to fall in love with the supernatural.

With her life in turmoil over her conflicting emotions about Gabriel and Jesse and her frustration at being unable to exact revenge for her mother’s horrific death, Hannah flees her life in an attempt to start over. But can we ever really escape from ourselves?

There is no escaping destiny no matter how hard she might try and Hannah must learn to reconcile her commitment to her family with her responsibility as the Guardian and her duty to her heart.

From the very start of this book things were happening and there was never a dull moment for me, I fell in love with Hanna and Gabe. I would defiantly recommend this book to my readers out there.  Guardian has vampires, witches, werewolves and more!! Gillian really made her character’s come to life in this book! 

After Hanna was forced experience her mother’s death because of the supernatural connection they had, Hanna had to leave the place she grew up and her father. Centuries Later Hanna finds her long lost friend Gabriel (whom she loves), and Jesse (a vampire) who would give anything to be with her. As Guardian she is forbidden to fall in love with any of the supernatural. Her life in chaos over her relationships and she can’t find her mother’s killer, Hanna decides it is all way too much to handle and she starts over. Will she ever find a way to be with her love Gabriel and find the person reasonable for her mother’s death all while doing her job as Guardian?

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