Friday, June 1, 2012

The Castle on the Golden Cloud by Jimi Iannizzotto

      The Castle on the Golden Cloud by Jimi Iannizzotto

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure for Young Adults

 About:Young Katie Hastings is asked by her mother to deliver a small package to King Kayla who resides on the other side of the kingdom of Adeena. The job is simple enough. She's made the trip so many times before, but unforeseen obstacles keep her from completing her journey to the beautiful castle. She must team up with Prince Aaron to save their kingdom before the evil Kreighton, who turned his back on Adeena, gets his hands on it.

Excerpt 1:
The tranquility that surrounded Katie was suddenly shattered by a rustling noise coming from the low-lying brush on the other side of the bed of flowers that lay at her feet. The crack of a twig and the crunch of dried leaves underfoot seemed to echo through the warm, still air.

The yellow erolyth that she had so tenderly caressed in her soft, alabaster hand dropped aimlessly to the ground. Her body froze. Wide-eyed and alert, she concentrated on the dense thicket that had become still once more.

Slowly, she reached to her side and grabbed the hilt of an ivory handled knife with a curved silver blade that sat in a leather pouch attached to her belt.
 Excerpt 2:
Katie ran as quickly as she possibly could, slicing through the maze of treelings, bushes and leaves. Calypso followed closely behind her, flying through the mass of foliage. Skyler turned towards Aaron. With a deep, evil laugh he mocked the young prince daring him to make the next move. Aaron looked down from his mount upon the horrific scene below him. The ama-dons were nearly zeroed in on their fleeing prey. He knew he needed to act without any delay.

The ama-dons soared through the treetops, just waiting for a clearing to snatch up their prey in their lethal talons as Katie and Calypso continued to race through the woodlands.

"Thalo, hold!" Aaron commanded the great white pegasus. Still standing in his stirrups, he reached for a large, jewel encrusted, amberson medallion that hung from the thick, shiny, gold colored chain around his neck. The blood red arzinia stones in its center seemed to sparkle with hundreds of tiny white lights. Etched writings and symbols of an ancient language adorned its outer edges. 
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