Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shade's Loss by Christina Worrell

                   Shade's Loss by Christina Worrell

 Book Description 

Shade is not your typical teenage girl. Both of her parents are long dead and now all she has is her brother until a nightmarish creature from hell rips him away leaving her in the hands of a cold, old world, vampire assassin. His job as a Tracker is to hunt down rogue and feral immortals and end their existence. Now a teenage, elfin beauty has suddenly tumbled into his sadistically simple life. As he comes ever closer to a thousand years of age he begins to find his self at war with the overlords who fear his unnatural abilities. Fallen and on the run he finds that he must gain a broken girls trust and love before an inevitable war erupts that might just end his immortal life. Can Shade overcome her fears and accept the dark fallen hero?

 My Thoughts
I really enjoyed reading this story, I love Shade she is strong and fights for the people she loves no matter what, even when they tell her all hope is lost. She’s been though a lot and comes out stronger a women for it! She lost her parents, was abused in a foster care home and then was sent to live with her older brother who she love more than anything in the world. That is until he’s ripped away from her, by a creature she thought were only in books. Left with a vampire assassin named Damon whose job is to track and kill these nightmarish creatures she has no one else and is left alone without the one person she loves. 

Damon is almost a thousand years old, he’s at war with the overlords who fear his unnatural abilities and then all of a sudden this beautiful girl is dumped right into his lap. He can’t let her go she knows too much.  He must try and gain her trust but with shade’s past that is going to be one heck of a challenge. 

Will Shade overcome her fear and learn to trust Damon her Dark fallen hero? 

I can’t wait for book 2 I loved this story and I’m excited to see what happens next. This is defiantly on my must read list.  


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