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Changing Worlds (Book 1) by Donald E. Dambois

      Changing Worlds (Book 1) by Donald E. Dambois

(Book Description)

Danielle Walkerman and her family are looking to spend quality time together at a log cabin in the woods, only to get disrupted when alone in the hills, she discovers a pale girl with white hair lying unconscious on the ground. When they find out she's homeless, Danielle convinces her dad to let the girl, named Dharalyn, return home with them.

Danielle begins to notice strange things about Dharalyn. She continues to lose the color in her face and appears sicklier every day. When she catches Dharalyn drinking blood from Danielle's grandmother, the young girl, believing her grandmother had been attacked, throws her houseguest out. After learning the truth, Danielle struggles to overcome her prejudices. Realizing that Dharalyn needs blood to survive and that their bond is stronger than her fears, she finds Dharalyn and convinces her to return home.

Upon discovery that Danielle's family may lose their ranch, Dharalyn offers her most prized-possession, a pair of diamond bracelets. When the two girls travel to the city to pawn the diamonds from the bracelets, they meet with businessman Michael Moretti, a suspected mob boss who manages to swindle them. Dharalyn takes drastic measures to get the full amount of money from the crooked boss in order to help her new friends.But that's not the end of the mob boss for the two girls. Michael Moretti sends a group of his henchmen to the girls' school after his suspicions are confirmed that one of the girls is not who she seems. When the men arrive at the school, the new friends face a dangerous fight for their lives.

Dambois credits his niece as his inspiration for Changing Worlds. Since they both enjoy vampires and fantasy novels, his niece recommended he write a novel about vampires and friendship. "Changing Worlds was written with love for someone very dear to me, and I hope my readers will love it as much as she does," Dambois says.



I really liked this book, I found it a little slow in the beginning though but when it picks up it starts to get good. The friendship that is forged between Danielle and Dharalyn is great they get to know each other very well and they also help each other out. This really is an amazing story of friendship and overcoming losing the people you love most in the world.  But soon everything goes downhill for them they have Michael Moretti after then Danielle’s uncle works for the government but will he turn out to be a threat to her best friend or will he help save them? I’m looking forward to book 2 in the series I really want to see what happens next and see if Dharalyn make’s it home in this next book and if Danielle goes with her. 

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