Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dark Passage (Chosen #1) by M.L. Woolley

            Dark Passage (Chosen #1) by M.L. Woolley

(Book Description)

Jen hides in a rundown mansion when her life falls apart, has vivid experiences with a beautiful male entity who longs to be her soulmate, and must choose reality of living or dead. Her childhood friend Ivy 19, from a rough past, can communicate with the dead, and other supernatural gifts emerge. Ivy will resist the evil that would separate the lovers.

“With one final glance behind her, Jen urged her horse forward, and toward the safety of the mountains. Her heart was heavy and she immediately thought of the other realm. Her hope was that they were aware of what had happened and would help. Chaos was already breaking out; and the world was in danger of slipping back to a time of great darkness, reminiscent of the Middle Ages."



 Dark Passage is a unique heartfelt read about a girl named Jen who is having dreams of male entity who longs to be her soulmate, he gets her though the day knowing she will dream of him at night. See Jen’s husband is abusive he hits her and has even knocked her out on one occasion. Jen leaves with the help of her lawyer who told her he knew of a house that needed a care taker. Jen’s best friend Ivy helps her to move out. Ivy can communicate with the dead but little does she know soon her other supernatural gifts will emerge.  With demons trying to kill her and trying to save the man she loves will Jen able to do it all in time to go into hiding before all hell breaks loose with those she cares about because soon the world will be reminiscent of the Middle Ages. 

I really liked this book once I picked it up and started reading I was sucked in until the very end. I can’t wait to read book 2 and find out what happens next.  The only thing I would have liked to see more of was the romance between the two main characters and a little less religious scripture nothing ageist it at all but Sometimes it was a bit much. Overall I loved the story and I’d recommend it to friends. 

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