Friday, July 13, 2012

Bride of Fae Excerpt


Aubrey glanced at Beverly with a smirk—and with contempt that turned her stomach. “I didn’t mean to interfere, my prince.” He fingered the large jewel in his necklace, and before she could think of a clever remark he evaporated into nothing.

Dandelion led her to the fountain. A guy and girl on the steps wearing chokers stood and pulled their partners to their feet to give Dandelion a place to sit. The guy with the choker wore a t-shirt that said disco sucks. He appraised Beverly from head to foot with lecherous a grin.

“Nice shirt, Fen,” Dandelion said. “You and Violet be off. Get the others out of here, into the parks. And check in with Cissa before dark.”

The human guy put his arm around Violet’s waist and planted a kiss on her cheek. “Green Park is gear,” he said.

Violet and Fen exchanged a sly look, and led their partners away. Beverly was sure they were up to no good, but Dandelion didn’t seem concerned.

They sat on the steps, and his thigh brushed against hers, bare but for the fishnet stockings. She felt a rush of longing for him, but confusingly Aubrey’s hold on her lingered. Dandelion lifted a lock of her hair and seemed relieved that it was a wig. He said, “Look at me.”

“Do you mean to look into my soul?”

“I mean to look at your dilated pupils.”
= = = = = =
Bride of Fae (Tethers 2) is coming ... Do you have Give Me (Tethers 1) ???

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