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The vampire’s Hunters Daughter (The complete collection 1-6) by Jennifer Malone Wright

The vampire’s Hunters Daughter (The complete collection 1-6) by Jennifer Malone Wright 

Book Description 

This special edition of The Vampire Hunter’s Daughter contains parts I-VI, the complete collection. Fourteen-year-old Chloe witnesses her mother’s murder at the hands of a vampire. Before the vampire can kidnap her, there is an unexpected rescue by a group of vampire hunters. Overwhelmed by the feeling of safety, Chloe passes out and they whisk her away to their small community.
When Chloe wakes, she comes face to face with the only other living relative, besides her mother, whom she has ever met: her grandfather. Chloe’s mother kept her hidden from the family; now, Chloe tries to unveil the family secrets. Through her grandfather, she learns her mother was a vampire hunter. In fact, her entire family is descended from the powerful bloodlines of vampire hunters. Chloe agrees to join the family she has never known for one reason only: Chloe vows to kill the vampire responsible for her mother’s murder.

With vengeance in her soul, Chloe is even more determined to follow through on her vow when she discovers the true identity of her enemy and how he is connected to her.

Experience the world of vampire’s hunter’s, vampires and mythology with Chloe in this exciting series.



I’m a huge fan of this short story series, I’m usually not much of a fan for shorts because I love a long book but man.. These completely suck you in, and once you start you will end up addicted like I am. You know you have it bad when you stalk Jennifer’s page to see if a new one had come out yet lol. 

I love the way Jennifer writes I’ve read all of her book so far; The Vampire’s Hunters Daughter has a great plot, fast paced and even a little romance oh and you can’t forget the action these short stories are defiantly not missing anything.  

Here are two of my favorite quotes from the book:  From That moment on, I was Chloe Kallistrate, a vampire hunter. Part 1
I felt his lips touch mine, and my body literally sizzled. My hands were no longer cold, and my cheeks were warmed by my own fire, not by embarrassment. Part 6

Chloe was a normal 14 year old girl growing up with her mom, until one night her mother woke her up and told her to hide, Shoving her daughter in the closet. 

Chloe sat there in the dark on top of all her shoes when some men came in after her mother. She ran out to help her mom and they killed her mother right in front of her.. That was the beginning of Chloe’s new life as a vampire hunter. She vowed to get her revenge for her mother’s death no matter what.

Chloe’s mother hid a lot of things from her including her family, now she is living with the grandfather she never knew she had. Finding out her mother was a vampire hunter not just any hunter either one of 

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