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Gifted by Jenny Phillips

                                                                   Gifted by Jenny Phillips

Book Description

Plagued by recurring dreams of a faceless, yet strangely familiar man, and struggling to adapt to unique powers, Morgan Cauldwell moves halfway across the country to Manchester Academy. Once at MAC, Morgan meets the mysterious Chase Thomas. He knows more about Morgan than she knows about herself, and through him, Morgan learns she is Gifted. With the help of Chase and the Gifted Council, Morgan begins to learn how to control and develop the powers that have kept her isolated her whole life.

While the mysteries of her dream man begin to unfold, Morgan’s powers quickly surpass even the Council’s expectations. But how much power should one person be allowed to possess…and at what price? Morgan finds herself face to face with her worst nightmares, where nothing is as it seems and not all Gifted are content with the powers they’ve been given.



I could not put this book down; you know you love a book when you try to turn your Nook over to look for more.
 Morgan’s parents died when she was 5 in a car accident and she was sent to live with her Grandmother. When her gran dies she moves away to attend senior year at (MAC) Manchester Academy. Plagued by recurring dreams of a faceless, yet strangely familiar man Morgan wonders who he is or even if he’s real or made up. 

When Morgan meets Chase he tells her she’s Gifted, She has powers like he dose and there are other people like them. With the help of Chase along with the Council she learns to control her powers. With the mysteries of her dream man begin to unfold, her powers even amaze the council. 

Morgan soon finds out not all of the gifted are good and some will stop at nothing until they have her.
I have never cried so much reading a book before have tissues handy. Jenny did an amazing job writing Gifted the character’s and the story its self are so well written you really feel what they feel and understand what they are going through. I’m really looking forward to what happens next in Morgan’s life. I’ll defiantly be buying book 2 and recommending it to my readers, friends and family.



  1. Great review. I love stories like this and I've been dying for a good paranormal book lately. Will read soon! :)

  2. Great review. I've not heard of this book before but it sounds good!
    Book Sniffers Anonymous


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